Asari Explosioneer

Class: Asari Adept

  • Throw: 1
  • Annihilation: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 Radius -> 5 Damage Attractor -> 6 Draining Field
  • Lance: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 Damage -> 5 Anti-Shield -> 6 Shield-Powered
  • Offensive Biotics: None
  • Barrier: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 Unyielding Barrier -> 5 Barrier Drain -> 6 Saving Barrier

Loadout: I use a Rank X Katana shotgun with the melee optimizer and smart choke.  If you have a shotgun you prefer that also doesn’t increase your cooldown times, go for it.  The melee optimizer is pretty important, the smart choke isn’t if you prefer another mod.  I use the Adaptive War Amp for equipment, but a Juggernaut Shield is a viable option.

The goal of this build is to run up to things with Annihilation active, which primes them for detonation, and Lance them to detonate them.  Things dying in your Annihilation radius, which we expanded to the max size with the Radius upgrade, will restore your shields.  Even if your teammates kill something in your field, your shields will be restored (so will all allies within 8 meters of you), so this build is great when you’re playing with friends who will work together.  Especially fun to team with is any Vanguard class that will cause detonations with Biotic Charge.  Your Throw will also cause detonations, and you have to have a point in it, so use it when Lance isn’t available and you need something exploded.  It’s also handy to shoot “red-bar” enemies off the map in hilarious fashion.

The Barrier Drain upgrade also allows you to restore shields (which will be eaten up by using Lance, as this is set up), so the usual combo is to run up to something, prime it, Lance it, finish with melee.  It works great against the riffraff.  Heavy enemies are trickier.  Hopefully you’re near teammates for support.  If not, stick to cover close to them, Annihilation will still reach them, and you can pop out to detonate or shotgun them as you will.

Ideally, you’re able to keep moving and killing, and not get swarmed with enemies, and are able to stay somewhat close to teammates.  Your Annihilation makes everything in it take 20% more damage from all sources, so being where teammates can pile on to that makes everything faster and deadlier.

You’ll need Rank II in this class to get the final Lance upgrade, which isn’t a big deal, but without it you’ll have to watch your cooldowns to make sure you’re ready to detonate something when you rush an enemy.

Submitted by MikeyGoWOOGA


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