Welcome To The Build Archive!

Like many people, I have been playing a lot of Mass Effect: Andromeda since its, launch, including the multiplayer mode.  Given the large amount of classes that are already offered in the multiplayer, and the fact that they keep adding classes, and given the prospects of future DLC adding even more options for classes, there about as many ways to build and play characters as there are enemies to kill with your shiny new build.  Therefore, it seemed like a good idea to set up a way to archive all the best builds the community comes up with in one location for ease of reference.

I’ll be adding my own builds here and there as I make them.  I encourage you to either use the Contact link at the top of the page, or email me directly at mikeygowooga@yahoo.com, to send me your own gloriously destructive builds so I can add them to the list.

Here’s something of a template for how to submit your builds, so that I and others can understand what you’re putting down:

  • Your Name (Whatever you want me to use to credit you for the build, screen name, real name, whatever, the Name field in the Contact tab takes care of this)
  • The Class’s Name (Ex “Salarian Infiltrator”)
  • List of the class’s powers and passives you put points into, in the order they appear in the menu, and how you’d put points into each.  Using the Salarian Infiltrator as an example, the first would be Sticky Grenade, and you might say 1, 2, 3, 4-Damage, 5-Capacity, 6-Anti-Armor, to indicate you’d level up Sticky Grenade as such.  If you don’t want to put points into passives, still list them, but just post “None” or something like it to say such.  If you need a higher “rank” of character than Rank I in order to fill up all the points you use, kindly say so here.
  • The loadout with regards to weapons, mods, and equipment you run with the build.  It doesn’t have to be super specific if you would just use any shotgun that doesn’t increase cooldown times or the.  Extremely specific is also acceptable.
  • A description of how you actually use the particular build in missions.  For example, whether you’d be sticking to cover or running around, what powers you rely on, what power combinations you take advantage of, if any, whether you try to close in for melee and the like, or keep distance and snipe, and so on.  Whatever you think is useful for someone reading your build to know in order to play it best.  What you would prioritize putting points into as you level the build, and what you might sacrifice first if you don’t have a high enough rank in the class to get the last power upgrade would also go here.

I’ll add a build or two of my own shortly, which should also serve as an example for how about to format your submissions.  Thanks in advance to any who submit builds, and good hunting!


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