Krogan Skull Cracker

Class: Krogan Vanguard

  • Biotic Charge: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 Radius -> 5 Melee Damage -> 6 Shock Trooper
  • Fortify: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 Protection -> 5 Power Armor
  • Nova: 1 -> 2 -> 3
  • Apex Training: None
  • Rage: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 Melee -> 5 Martial Arts -> 6 Berserker

Loadout: Any shotgun or pistol that doesn’t increase cooldown times.  Use the one that lets you use your stronger Melee Optimizer mod.  Equipment should be the Juggernaut Shield.

This is similar to the old Krogan Freight Train from Mass Effect 3, though BioWare seems to have adjusted it to be less utterly invincible.  I built it with mostly melee damage in mind, and the goal is to Biotic Charge whenever you can to restore your shields, and spam melee attacks in the interim for massive damage, and to engage Blood Rage.  Nova is there just for fun, to squeeze one off if you charge into a pack of enemies.  Apex Training doesn’t offer much for a melee-centric build, and you have to have at least the first point in Nova anyway.

Keep in mind that, even with Fortify, you’re not invincible.  Try to stay at least near enough to your teammates that they have a line of sight on you in order to provide support with their weapons.  Try to pick off enemies around the edges when you can, and focus on armored enemies before shielded ones if you have the choice.  If you have an Asari Adept, or anything else with Annihilation Field in your group, run with them for incredible amounts of pwnage, as you detonate with Charge all the enemies the Annihilation Field has primed.

My Krogan Vanguard is Rank III, but you should be able to get the important bits (everything except level 2 and 3 of Nova) at Rank 1.  I’d put points into Rage first, then into Biotic Charge, then into Fortify.  Ranks 4 and 6 of Biotic Charge aren’t set in stone, especially Rank 6 if you feel Bastion helps your survivability more than Shock Trooper does, but I like being able to Biotic Charge ALL THE TIME.  It’s how you move around with Fortify’s movement penalty.  Any upgrade with melee damage bonus is not optional.  That is how this build does most of it’s damage, and Rage has survival benefits in addition to the damage increase.

Submitted by MikeyGoWOOGA


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